Fish balloon

You can fish the balloon to kill 30 people to rule maintained by toxic.

Fish balloon has technical characteristic to defend themselves they have prepared rubber very possibility devour large quantities of water or air at once what makes them when necessary, swell times its original size to become a football water extremely difficult on animals and predatory fish catch her and have some factions fish balloon also thornson her body throws during the Bulge.
Owns factions fish balloon inside substance called (Tedroduttaxan \ tetrodotoxin), which is lethal for humans This material is the most toxic in 1200 once deadly cyanide poison.
And its fish are one of the fish balloon enough poison to kill 30 man seriously so this is the second most dangerous poison cm vertebrate in the world.
This poison causes paralysis years the person who dealt with will depend almost all the muscles of the body of work for the person gets to the case of severe fatigue and then to death.
This short video review attempts to dogfish catch a fish balloon and not being able to fish and then you remove the water and the air inside it at the end.

سمكة البالون تستطيع قتل 30 إنسان بسمها ولديها مزيد ،، بالفيديو
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