see video:: First bride bleed on a motorcycle in the Gulf

Bride Nadia Hosni, overturned all the standards that we're used to, if you publish a site "Oman today," a video for the first bride in the Gulf and specifically in the UAE wed on a motorcycle, said the bride of the site: "I got the idea to be the first bride on the" pike "- a motorcycle ". Nadia idea presented to her groom Salem Martian, I asked him to be their wedding on motorcycles and Icoma invited a number of friends from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Oman for their participation process that served as the hype bride, they agreed everyone as an innovative idea worth the experience and participation. Weddings began in front of the Al Raha Beach Hotel in Abu Dhabi, and toured Almaazim in the streets toward the peasant area to complete the wedding ceremony, despite the difficulties, where she said the bride: "We faced many difficulties, but Baasrara, and the participation of friends and Salem, we were able to achieve this dream."