Plane Alwaleed bin Talal new

Plane Alwaleed bin Talal new "Flying Palace" from the inside

Plane Alwaleed bin Talal new dubbed "Flying Palace" jumbo type, which is the first of the A380. It is expected to be received by the Prince with the New Year 2013 from the British company Q Interior, the plane now undergoing the final touches on the interior designs. The aircraft is larger in the world, where it is designed to accommodate 600 passengers, and fetch up to 300 million euros. Hall meetings plane equipped with the latest international technologies, Valtaulh made ​​of acrylic glass purified processor, and can convert the table into a giant display screen touch. The giant aircraft fitted with a white spiral staircase between the world that the three, in addition to lift off from the Prince's entrance. And will be able to Prince and his guests enjoy four royal suites giant plane, as well as a room dedicated to prayer and with electronic Bhsaúr automatically heading towards Mecca.