Waterfall the largest and most beautiful in Europe

 Known to the waterfall the largest and most beautiful in Europe.

What we see in the picture is one of the largest waterfalls not only in Iceland which it is located but also in Europe called "Dettifoss" or "waterfall raging", with an average consumption of this waterfall of water to 500 cubic meters per second, and this produces this large amount of water is fantastic for landscape beauty of a waterfall waterfall not far from the beauty of Niagara Falls.
Is Europe's largest waterfall in the northeast of Iceland on the river bearing the name "unpronounceable Yekulsau", width of the waterfall about 100 meters, and height 44 m, near the beautiful waterfall there is a lake of volcanic origin.
Who stands next to the waterfall Bmtabat feel under his feet, and the voice of strong noise due to the amount of water flowing from the waterfall.