Pictures Amazing Glass Sculpture

Pictures Amazing Glass Sculpture

Dale Chihola (born September 20 - September 1941) American glass sculptor, a world famous artist and internationally known to use colors and glass-forming liquid to work huge Mgesmath.

Dale received a Master of Science in sculpture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in 1967. He studied at a later Art Glass in Venice. In 1976, he suffered a car accident led to the wounds on his face and his left eye blindness. Continued after recovering glassblowing even suffered a dislocated shoulder in 1979. No longer able to continue to carry the glass and blowpipe so he hired him does this work. His works are found in more than 200 museum all over the world and in many botanical gardens very harmonious with nature. He has won numerous awards, including seven honorary doctorate degrees.

Dales beautiful glass sculptures are exhibited in over 200 international museums.

In Old Jerusalem  

Chandeliers & lightings at hotels & public buildings  

Smoothly mixed with nature at various botanical gardens  

Artist Dale Chihuly