Miracle of Rare Golden Pearls

Miracle of Rare Golden Pearls

Philippine company called Juellemr successfully produced a rich golden color pearls in the pearl farms on the island "Palawan" west of the southern Philippines.

Gold Pearl and need to step 323 minutes and five years of special care: they are maxim a oyster care Bankatada with golden lips Inmomdh two to three years before they are. Pearl nucleus transplant and then take two or three years to pearl oyster creates layers of Crystal aragonite around the transplanted nucleus. During this period, oysters are placed in baskets during which flipping shellfish regularly and cleaned to ensure the health of mollusk. The oysters are checked after six months to ten X-rays to monitor the growth of pearls.

تحتاج اللؤلؤة الذهبية إلى 323 خطوة دقيقة وخمس سنوات من الرعاية الخاصة: إذ يتم رعاية محار ماكسيما بينكاتادا ذو الشفاه الذهبية لينمومدة سنتين إلى ثلاث سنوات قبل أن يتم. زرع نواة اللؤلؤ ثم يستغرق سنتين أو ثلاث كي يقوم محار اللؤلؤ بتكوين طبقات من كريستال الأراجونيت حول النواة المزروعة. وخلال هذه الفترة يتم وضع المحار في سلال يتم خلالها تقليب المحار بانتظام وتنظيفه لضمان صحة الحيوان الرخوي. ويتم التحقق من المحار بعد ستة أشهر إلى عشرة بالأشعة السينية لرصد نمو اللؤلؤ.

Some Pearl Facts 
How can you distinguish real pearls from fake pearls? 
A basic method, rub two pearls against each other. Real pearls generally have a gritty feel but imitation pearls often slide off each other.

What are Majorica pearls?
Majorica pearls are man-made pearls from Spain. These pearls are made from a substance that contains fish scales, which accounts for their high luster. They usually are very shiny, with unflawed surfaces, and are much lighter in weight than authentic pearls of the same size.

What is the most expensive color?
Nowadays, because of its rarity, golden is the most expensive then champagne shades, black pearls and peacock green.