Winning works in National Geographic contest for 2012

Winning Business National Geographic photography for 2012, you've seen?!
According to National Geographic magazine that it had received more than 12000 Image to participate in the contest National Geographic photography, during which he participated professional photographers estimated 6615 participants from 152 countries around the world, where the categories of imaging different and varied, but National Geographic confined it to the categories of photography, "Photography places, outdoor scenes, pictures of travel, as well as pictures spontaneous moments "over the 14 weeks of the contest chose editors of National photo collection won the title of best and most beautiful images of National Geographic in 2012 in an international competition.

We will not talk too much about each picture, but I invite you all to ponder these enormous images that carry many meanings, in this thread will see a set of photographs of the 49 files won in the competition. We follow,