Tour inside the National Park Plitvice in Croatia

Of the magical places on our planet wonderful, particularly in Croatia, the Plitvice National Park It's amazing, in this park can be found on the tranquility and privacy along the paths waterfalls and lakes that are located in protected Plitvice National.

This area consists of a charming waterfalls and 16 interconnected lake, lakes located in front of a large green forests and breathtaking contain many types of animals such as deer, wolves, bears, feral cats, and about 160 species of rare birds.
Of the best times of the visit to Plitvice National Park in September, where temperatures warm and the crowds are flocking to tourism in the summer is estimated at more than one million visitors.
The park is always open, there is no fixed hours of work, although the boats and buses only works from dawn to dusk and entry to the park ticket worth $ 7 during the winter and $ 14 during the summer.