Spaghetti Ice Cream in Germany

Spaghetti Ice Cream in Germany

Many many years ago before the Euro, on the roads near Gelnhausen east of Frankfurt - Germany we noticed many shops carry the green-white-red flag (Italian) and have "Eis" (German for Ice Cream) signs. Stopping at one of them to quench our summer thirst, we noticed that the menu included among others, spaghetti eis, pizza eis, lasagna eis and volcano eis. Curious to find out what are they, we ordered spaghetti and volcano. I stood to watch the seller preparing our order. For the spaghetti he pressed a mass of vanilla ice cream into a machine similar to meat grinder. Then he used syrups and other sweets to decorate the spaghetti ice cream dish. Volcano was easier, he molded the brownish ice cream and topped it with dark chocolate syrup to simulate poring lava and then added little liquid into a small pit he made on top and ignited it.

Lasagna Ice cream   لازانيا الآيس كريم

Spaghetti ice cream   سباغيتي الآيس كريم

Pizza ice cream   بيتزا الآيس كريم

Volcano ice cream   آيس كريم البركان

Other ice cream varieties   أشكال أخرى للآيس كريم

Ice cream menu   قائمة الآيس كريم

Notice the "Spargel Eis" or the asparagus with eggs   لاحظ الآيس كريم على شكل هليون مع بيض