Airbus plans to produce a transparent plane.

Unveiled the European aircraft industry, "Airbus" about the latest studies of current and future projects and the industry is the generation of an aircraft carrier made ​​of transparent material completely. According to the newspaper "Daily Mail" the British, the fuselage will be a technically advanced body, which will enable the pilot to turn the floor, walls and ceiling of the plane to a transparent body allows for passengers to see everything from all directions and at an angle of 360 degrees ..

According to the Airbus, the plane will work card hydrogen, and will be equipped with engines installed flow inside the fuselage, rather than connected with their wings, to reduce engine noise. In the initial design of the aircraft engines and wings showed smooth curves and it will be that will reduce fuel consumption significantly.

According to organizers of the company's ambitious designs that this is a realistic vision of the state of aviation in 2050.