Sinking of the ship Costa Concordia luxury 2012

Sinking of the ship Costa Concordia luxury 2012
Ship Costa Concordia luxury of the most beautiful and largest ships sight seeing in the world squats Grivh currently off the coast of Italy in an accident less than what is being said about him that he is very strange where she was the ship claw length of more than 50 meters because of the reef, while there were nearly 4,200 people they can all survive with the exception of less than 10 people dead or missing and the reason for survival of so many is the site of drowning is very close to the beach and was the ship's magnificent has entered into service in 2006, and the length of this giant more than 290 meters longer than the Titanic by 21 meters and have 5 restaurants and a theater of 3 floors and cafes and a section for entertainment and games and a section for fitness, gym and swimming pool with sea water, sauna, but all of this crash with a captain of an idiot as currently under investigation where it is said that he escaped from the ship early