Room Entirely Out of Chocolate

don’t know what it is about people and chocolate rooms, but they seem to keep making them and we keep writing about them. This time a shopping mall in Kaliningrad, Russia celebrated its fifth anniversary by commissioning an artist to create a room entirely of chocolate.

The idea of building a chocolate room inside Kaliningrad Plaza belonged to Lithuanian ad agency Ad Hunters, who commissioned experienced sculptor Elena Climent to carve it out of 420 kilograms of dark, milk and white chocolate. Measuring around 20 square meters, the delicious-looking room features furniture like a chocolate sofa, table and carpet, as well as chocolate cutlery, candle holders, and flowers. 40% of the room is made of dark chocolate, another 40% is milk chocolate, and the rest is white chocolate.

Elena Climent declared she had a lot of fun working on the chocolate room, and while she compared the process to ice sculpting, she said chocolate is a warm, good smelling material which creates a unique atmosphere. While working on the project, Climent faced some difficulties with preserving the original appearance of her masterpieces and did a lot of experimenting with chocolate mass and shape at temperatures between 22 – 24 degrees Celsius.